We are a Member Based entity fostering the burner ethos of Art, Music, Culture, and the ten principles.

Hello, and welcome to the world's first Burner Hostel!

2018 will mark FIVE YEARS OF EXISTENCE for the Morris Burner Hostel! We took a tired old hotel in downtown Reno and built it into a community art space, currently-closed-but-hopefully-soon-to-be-resurrected-entertainment venue, burner and art hostel, and place where Burners can congregate, talk, and enjoy each others company whenever they wish. The response from the Burner community, the international arts and travel community, and essentially everyone who has been touched by this space has been nothing short of amazing. Today, we are a new shining star right in the heart of Reno, showing the whole world just what Burners are made of; do a quick internet search for the Morris Burner Hostel, and you will see the stir we are creating. Just like the playa, this is a participatory environment, and virtually every visitor gets involved in some way. It is, in essence, very much like a large-scale art project that you would see on the playa, except we all get to enjoy it for years to come.

We have been granted legal status by the City of Reno to be a private club rather than a public hotel. This gives us the freedom to do many unique, creative, and fun things that would be unavailable to us as a public facility. As a condition of this legal status, we must have a unique set of criteria that defines who can partake in membership, and we must both abide by those standards and keep track of our members. This project is the result of hundreds of Burners donating their time, energy, and materials; as such, it is for the Burner community to enjoy.

We have high hopes for our membership system and anticipate it will keep not only those who are participating at the Morris, but burners in general, connected. Our ideas are perpetually in the planning, development and evolutionary process! When signing up for membership, we will ask if and how you may be interested in participating. We hope you'll consider it, because we want as many people involved as possible!

Morris Burner Hostel Membership Overview

Membership Tiers and Benefits:

$10 One time, intro to Burning Man

You might not be sure what all this hippy stuff is about, but you searched hostels in the area and were intrigued. You read some good reviews and want to check it out and see what it's about. This is a ONE TIME, ONE STAY membership for the duration of your stay. If you come back to visit us again, you would not be elligible for this.

The initial $20...

We ask that you make an initial one-time investment in the Morris in the amount of $20. Since we are a membership based hostel, everyone is required to be a member to stay with us. What happens to this $20 depends on YOU. It can EITHER:

  • ~be the gateway towards on-going support of the Morris in a yearly capacity. Use your Paypal account to sign up for on-going $5/monthly payments. This makes your ANNUAL membership $75.
  • ~acts as a single, one-month, temporary membership that gives you all the access all our members get, but for only one month.(You also don't get a t-shirt, sorry =)
  • ~after the one-month, if you want to see if we are really as cool as we say we are (we are, trust me), you can pay an ADDITIONAL $30 and be done for the year, as this would mean you would have made the annual membership payment of $50. This offer is good for up to one year after you paid the initial $20
  • 10 Principles Special: If you are a new member and can recite the 10 principals, we give you a 50% credit (that's 50% off your membership!) towards the membership of your choice.

    HAVE YOU BEEN A TEMPORARY MEMBER? We take $20 off membership....so a year would be $30 instead of $50 (must be redeemed within a calendar year of initial, temporary membership).

    Yearly Membership Renewal: $50 ($75/year if paying monthly)

    After the initial $20, you choose to either pay $5/month or you can pay the entire $50 at one time ($30 if you got a 10-Principle Discount or already paid the first month!)

    Annual membership at the Morris gets you some awesome basic benefits. For your $50/year ($60/year if paying monthly), you get:

    • An awesome Morris Burner Hostel Badge, that identifies who you are and basically when you came in to the system! How low is your number? Swag-a-rific for sure, and a great way to track your involvement in the project!
    • Your very own Morris Burner Hostel purple-ishus t-shirt!
    • We have many events that are lower cost or free admission for members. Keep an eye on our calendar here on the website, or our Facebook page for things other folks won't get to be a part of! Workshops, parties, all good things and all for our members!
    • All the discounts at our affiliate local business around Reno. To see a complete list, check out our Burner Resources page to see all the places you get perks just for being a member!
    • Access to the Steampunk Saloon, back yard and to hang out with us any time during regular business hours (when the general public is not). Come spend some time with us! Art! Volunteer!

    If you’d rather not have to worry about remembering to pay each month or remembering to deduct from your Paypal, pay all at once and save an additional $10! Members upgrading from a one-month can pay an additional $30 and have a whole year of membership goodness! This is an annual fee that goes to continued support of the Morris.

    PATRONS pay $150 annually.

    In addition to all the perks mentioned above, additional swag includes:

    1 complementary off-peak night in a non-suite room.

    SUPPORTERS pay $250 annually.

    In addition to all the perks mentioned above, additional swag includes:

    MBH Hoodie, 2 complementary off-peak nights in a non-suite room

    BENEFACTORS pay $500 annually.

    In addition to all the perks mentioned above, additional swag includes:

    MBH Hoodie, Personal thank you letter from Jungle Jim and signed photo of the crew, 3 complementary nights in a room of your choice, excluding during burn week, Early bird booking for burn month.

    PHILANTROPISTS pay $1000 annually.

    In addition to all the perks mentioned above, additional swag includes:

    5-day complementary stay in the Cuban Gangster Suite or Temple Suite, AND first chance booking for burn month.

    I'm in!
Morris Burner Hotel Project: Membership Application

The application you are about to complete will determine your membership level at The Morris Burner Hotel.

Have you ever worked as a volunteer for any official Burning Man departments (e.g.: DPW, Greeters, Rangers, etc.)?
Have you ever visited the Morris Burner Hotel (MBH)?
Are you interested in volunteering at the MBH or with any other Burning Man projects, now or in the future?

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